Ben Shelton: A Rising Star with a Thunderous Serve

Ben Shelton: A Rising Star with a Thunderous Serve In the world of tennis, the name Ben Shelton has been making headlines and capturing the imagination of fans worldwide. This 20-year-old American tennis sensation has been making waves at the US Open, defying expectations and earning a place in the tournament semifinals. What’s even moreContinue reading “Ben Shelton: A Rising Star with a Thunderous Serve”

How to Improve Your On-Court Endurance

Improving endurance for tennis requires a combination of physical conditioning, proper training techniques, and strategic planning. Tennis is a demanding sport that requires both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, as well as agility, speed, and mental focus. Here are some key insights to help you enhance your endurance for tennis: Tennis has evolved into a highlyContinue reading “How to Improve Your On-Court Endurance”

To Stretch or Not to Stretch

The age-old debate surrounding the benefits of stretching before physical activity continues to puzzle fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. Should you stretch before a workout, or is it better to dive right in? In this exploration of the stretching dilemma, we’ll unravel the myths, offer scientific insights, and provide a comprehensive guide to help youContinue reading “To Stretch or Not to Stretch”

2022 Wimbledon | Bold Predictions

In April, the All England Club made the bold decision to ban all Russian and Belarusian players from this year’s Championships. As a counter measure, the ATP and WTA have removed ranking points from the this year’s event—effectively making it an exhibition. These factors make for a radically different Wimbledon draw, as five top 100Continue reading “2022 Wimbledon | Bold Predictions”

14 Reasons Why Rafa has 14 French Opens

In 2020, I wrote a blog entitled “13 Reasons Why Rafa has 13 French Opens.” In a simple one sentence conclusion, I wrote, “Something tells me by this time next year, I better have a 14th reason up my sleeve.” I might’ve been off by a year with my prediction, but as the French say,Continue reading “14 Reasons Why Rafa has 14 French Opens”

Seven Tennis Pandemics

Throughout tennis history, there have been certain ideas that have spread like viruses: traveling from person to person until they reached pandemic proportions. Seven specific actions, moments, and events had such an enormous impact that they changed the sport forever. Read for the Seven Tennis Pandemics.

Save Your Shoulder with Six Self-Care Strategies

As the world battles the Covid-19 Pandemic and the quarantine and self-isolation that follows, we’ve got a choice of how to spend our abundance of alone time. Hopefully your physical activity hasn’t been limited to traipsing back and forth to the fridge in between episodes of the Tiger King. Social media has been flooded withContinue reading “Save Your Shoulder with Six Self-Care Strategies”

Four Lessons from Tom Brady

Without question, the biggest story of the NFL offseason has been, “who will Tom Brady sign with?” If you’ve switched on ESPN since the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, then you’ve heard the talking heads yapping incessantly about all of his possible destinations. Thankfully, the wait—and the endless prognosticating—is almost over. On March 18th, BradyContinue reading “Four Lessons from Tom Brady”

Nick Kyrgios Helps Debunk Top Five Serve Myths

Over the course of tennis history, we’ve had our fair share of bad boys: the temperamental Johnny Mac, Nasty Nastase, and the rebel Andre Agassi, to name a few. Our modern day bad boy is none other than Nick Kyrgios—the basketball jersey wearing, mohawk sporting, fine-inducing Australian. Hate him or love him, Kyrgios’ serve is a force of nature—and no, I’m notContinue reading “Nick Kyrgios Helps Debunk Top Five Serve Myths”

7 Secrets to Finding The Best Coach for Your Child

Is your son or daughter interested in starting tennis lessons? Are they currently taking lessons, but not enjoying it? Have they been taking lessons for a while, but not progressing? If any of these questions apply to you, read this post before take the next step—The Seven Secrets to Finding the Best Coach for Your Child: