2022 Wimbledon | Bold Predictions

In April, the All England Club made the bold decision to ban all Russian and Belarusian players from this year’s Championships. As a counter measure, the ATP and WTA have removed ranking points from the this year’s event—effectively making it an exhibition. These factors make for a radically different Wimbledon draw, as five top 100Continue reading “2022 Wimbledon | Bold Predictions”

14 Reasons Why Rafa has 14 French Opens

In 2020, I wrote a blog entitled “13 Reasons Why Rafa has 13 French Opens.” In a simple one sentence conclusion, I wrote, “Something tells me by this time next year, I better have a 14th reason up my sleeve.” I might’ve been off by a year with my prediction, but as the French say,Continue reading “14 Reasons Why Rafa has 14 French Opens”

Top Five Most Memorable US Open Matches

Born and raised a few hours north of New York City, I was lucky enough to attend the U.S Open several times as a kid. In 1997, our family took our first trip to the Open—ending up with seats in Row ZZ of the brand new Arthur Ashe Stadium—where our views of Shea were better than that of Chang and Venus below.