Ben Shelton: A Rising Star with a Thunderous Serve

Ben Shelton: A Rising Star with a Thunderous Serve In the world of tennis, the name Ben Shelton has been making headlines and capturing the imagination of fans worldwide. This 20-year-old American tennis sensation has been making waves at the US Open, defying expectations and earning a place in the tournament semifinals. What’s even moreContinue reading “Ben Shelton: A Rising Star with a Thunderous Serve”

How to Improve Your On-Court Endurance

Improving endurance for tennis requires a combination of physical conditioning, proper training techniques, and strategic planning. Tennis is a demanding sport that requires both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, as well as agility, speed, and mental focus. Here are some key insights to help you enhance your endurance for tennis: Tennis has evolved into a highlyContinue reading “How to Improve Your On-Court Endurance”

To Stretch or Not to Stretch

The age-old debate surrounding the benefits of stretching before physical activity continues to puzzle fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. Should you stretch before a workout, or is it better to dive right in? In this exploration of the stretching dilemma, we’ll unravel the myths, offer scientific insights, and provide a comprehensive guide to help youContinue reading “To Stretch or Not to Stretch”

Carlos Alcaraz: The Journey to Success

Carlos Alcaraz’s remarkable journey to becoming the youngest player ranked number one in the world is a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance. In a candid interview with ATP Tour, Alcaraz emphasized that success doesn’t come easily, and one must be willing to endure the trials and tribulations on the road toContinue reading “Carlos Alcaraz: The Journey to Success”

Obama vs. Trump—Who Wins?

In these rather contentious political times, where our opinions, affiliations, and ideologies couldn’t be any more polarized, it’s important we find positive ways to alleviate our political stress. Tennis coaches play a more significant role in this process than you might think: what better way to unwind than to slap a few forehands or burn several hundred calories chasing a fuzzy yellow ball?

Noah, the Tiebreaker Test, & Coyle’s Sweet Spot

Noah is an 8 year old player who loves tennis. He especially loves to compete. At a young age, he’s already had considerable success in USTA 10U tournaments. For Noah’s continued development, it’s important that we find new ways to keep challenging him. During a recent private lesson with Noah, I modified a classic exercise I learned from Steve Smith, to provideContinue reading “Noah, the Tiebreaker Test, & Coyle’s Sweet Spot”