Nick Kyrgios Helps Debunk Top Five Serve Myths

Over the course of tennis history, we’ve had our fair share of bad boys: the temperamental Johnny Mac, Nasty Nastase, and the rebel Andre Agassi, to name a few. Our modern day bad boy is none other than Nick Kyrgios—the basketball jersey wearing, mohawk sporting, fine-inducing Australian. Hate him or love him, Kyrgios’ serve is a force of nature—and no, I’m not talking about the underarm one.

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7 Secrets to Finding The Best Coach for Your Child

Is your son or daughter interested in starting tennis lessons? Are they currently taking lessons, but not enjoying it? Have they been taking lessons for a while, but not progressing? If any of these questions apply to you, read this post before take the next step—The Seven Secrets to Finding the Best Coach for Your Child:

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Love Means Five: Five Lessons Learned from “Love Means Zero

Tennis Hall of Famer and icon, Nick Bollettieri, is profiled in Showtime’s documentary, “Love Means Zero.” If you’re a tennis coach, this a must-see—there are many lessons to be learned from Nick’s aces and faults. Here are the five most important lessons that tennis coaches can learn:

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The Four Best Baseball Analogies

October is here—and that can only mean one thing—postseason baseball. The marathon 162 game MLB regular season is over and the road to the Fall Classic begins tonight. Many pundits dubbed the 2019 season, “The Year of the Home Run,” with baseballs leaving the yard at an unprecedented rate. Hopefully the crisp autumn air will slow down these juiced balls and we’ll see some old-fashioned pitcher’s duels.

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The Four Best Football Analogies

NFL opening day is upon us—and for a brief, blissful moment—every one of the league’s 32 teams is on equal stead. My New York Jets have a promising young quarterback at the helm and the scariest head coach in the league—which is a positive, considering unparalleled intensity will be needed to transform the “same old Jets” from a perennial laughing stock into a playoff contender.

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The Five Most Iconic US Open Sneakers

While some fashion experts would argue that The French Open is the “most fashionable” Grand Slam, the lights of New York City still shine the brightest—which inevitably pushes the style boundaries at the U.S Open. Here’s a list of the five most iconic sneakers to debut during the fortnight in Flushing:

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Top Five Most Memorable US Open Matches

Born and raised a few hours north of New York City, I was lucky enough to attend the U.S Open several times as a kid. In 1997, our family took our first trip to the Open—ending up with seats in Row ZZ of the brand new Arthur Ashe Stadium—where our views of Shea were better than that of Chang and Venus below. 

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Obama vs. Trump—Who Wins?

In these rather contentious political times, where our opinions, affiliations, and ideologies couldn’t be any more polarized, it’s important we find positive ways to alleviate our political stress. Tennis coaches play a more significant role in this process than you might think: what better way to unwind than to slap a few forehands or burn several hundred calories chasing a fuzzy yellow ball?

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3 Ways HIIT Can Improve Your Tennis Game

Similar to the jogging craze of the 1970s, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has taken the Fitness Industry by storm. The science behind HIIT suggests that a 12-20 minute anaerobic workout within a one hour period will boost your metabolism for the next 24–36 hours. During that time, your body will metabolize nine times the amount of calories from fat. This increased “afterburn” is due to what’s called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which is essentially your body’s natural response to an oxygen deficit.

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Four Simple Steps to Reduce Tennis Injuries

Approximately 18 million people play tennis in the United States. Tennis is especially popular here in South Florida, where our climate allows us to play outdoors year round. Tennis can be a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout, but unfortunately many players suffer injuries due to poor conditioning. I’ve observed that most tennis players do not CONSISTENTLY follow an injury prevention program. Many injuries can be prevented before they arise. Research has shown, that if you take the proper precautions, you can greatly reduce the risk of injury. These four basic steps will keep you off the injured list and out on the place you love most…the tennis court!

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