Our Mission


Our primary mission is to provide members of our community with expert tennis instruction that’s both accessible and affordable.

Read Our Mission Statement:

For the sport of tennis—to help grow the game by creating opportunities for new and returning players to get involved. Tennis is an incredible game that has given us so much and we wish to give back.

For the community—to create an environment at FM Tennis that brings the community together, rather than divides it.

For adults—to provide a healthy outlet, to encourage new adult players to learn our great game, and to challenge others to never stop improving.

For parents—to serve as positive influences in your child’s life and provide guidance throughout this challenging tennis journey.

For juniors—to teach you rock solid tennis fundamentals, prepare you athletically, and reinforce the life lessons you’re learning at home and in school.


Thank you for being an integral part of our journey and our mission. Without you, FM Tennis would be a dream rather than a reality—and for that, we are forever grateful.