Flanagan/Mutimer Tennis Academy is located at A1A Tennis @ Indian Spring Country Club in Boynton Beach, FL. Indian Spring is a world-class facility with a prime South Florida location. FMTA offers comprehensive tennis programs for players of all ages and levels.
Co-Directors Brandon Flanagan and Allington Mutimer have a combined 40 years of coaching experience. With their shared knowledge and expertise, they have created an Academy culture that emphasizes long-term development and diligent preparation.
All of the FMTA coaches are trained within the same fact-based system of instruction. This allows the players to receive a powerful, consistent message. They are invested in each and every student from both an athletic and personal standpoint. 
The FMTA team is truly dedicated to providing it's players with unparalleled tennis instruction and athletic training!
Mission Statement
As tennis coaches, we believe each player's journey begins and ends with passion. We strive to instill that passion in the hearts of all our players. We also believe tennis is truly a lifetime sport. Therefore, we encourage our players to never stop improving! Our ultimate goal as coaches, is to insure every player displays a positive attitude and tenacious competitve spirit both in sport and in life
As tennis teachers, we provide our pupils with information based on scientific fact and the realities of the court. We teach our students both efficient mechanics and tactics. Our players are taught how to skillfully execute every shot from every position on the court.
As a Tennis Academy, we aspire to be different! We strive to develop players who will have a strong foundation that will stand the test of time.